Metriks PostProcessor

About Metriks v0.4

Metriks v0.4 (beta) is a post-processor for use with the GHBMC models, developed by Elemance and available for any licensee of the model to download and use, free of charge. The current version is available for use with the M50-O only. Click the download link below to get started; the installation process will include acceptance of the license agreement. Please submit a request for license activation on the Elemance Support page or by directly emailing [email protected].


  • Intuitive graphical user interface for postprocessing 20+ common injury metrics
  • Built-in command-line interface for batch processing multiple simulations
  • Automatic generation of injury metric reports

For more information, please visit the Metriks Homepage

primer tools

Primer Positioning Tool For GHBMC

Positioning the GHBMC model in Oasys PRIMER involves using a dummy “tree”. The tree contains post *END keywords that contain information on assemblies of parts within the GHMBC and how they are connected to each other​. These trees allow you move the model around easily in PRIMER​. Dummy trees are now available in PRIMER for GHBMC M50-O and available for any PRIMER user, free of charge. Please raise a request through your local Oasys LS-DYNA distributor or by directly emailing [email protected]

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