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Don’t settle for less than a complete view of your product in action. Discover the difference that a physics-based, expertly-designed virtual human body model can make.

Whatever your design challenge or research area, Elemance has the tools and expertise to help you fully assess the impact of your innovation on the body, whether by licensing our virtual human body models or partnering with our leading biomechanical engineers through our engineering services. Whichever path you take, Elemance helps you unlock the challenges of your project through advanced and nuanced data. We believe that better data means a better end product.

Our Products

Elemance licenses the complete family of Global Human Body Models Consortium (GHBMC) virtual human body models to both industry and academic researchers. These models are available as whole body models or specific body regions–whatever human body simulation you need to best assess the safety and effectiveness of your technology.

Characterized by unparalleled accuracy, Elemance’s virtual human body models can be used in countless applications, including automotive, aerospace, military, sports and healthcare fields, and can integrate with or replace aspects of your existing workflow. The suite of models represents both males and females of multiple ages, sizes and shapes, giving your product development and safety assessment teams a toolkit to gather deep insight into the biomedical effects a technology can have on a wide range of human bodies.

At Elemance, human body simulation is at the core of what we do. To learn more about the human body models we offer–and what makes them so special–take a tour of the rest of the website to dig deeper.


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Our Services

At our roots, we are an injury biomechanics group. Everything comes back to the safety of the human interacting with an environment or technology. We bring the expertise of our engineers to work on your design challenges as they apply to safeguarding human lives.

Custom Model Enhancement

Elemance offers custom model development to ensure that your license of a GHBMC model meets the specific needs of your team.

Whether you need customization of a particular component of the model or specialized software to get certain data out of the human body simulation, we’ll work with you to modify the human body models to achieve your research goals.

Biomechanical Research & Development

Whether your company needs help integrating finite element modeling into your design process or if human body modeling is new to you, Elemance can collaborate with your organization to supplement your internal research and development. We offer a wealth of engineering knowledge and experience for projects related to biomechanics, structural design, and injury prevention and mitigation. From drop test simulations and crash test dummies to full vehicle crashes, military insults and spaceflight landing, our engineers have the ability to model a wide range of scenarios. If you want to know how we can assist in your research and development, drop us a line, and we’ll talk through all the possibilities.

Explore the Possibilities

If you’re interested in learning more about how Elemance’s virtual human body models or engineering services can help with your specific project, we’d love to speak with you.

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Why Elemance Is a Head Above the Rest

What makes Elemance’s suite of virtual body models such a valuable addition to your workflow? All the features built into these models are designed with the complete human physiology in mind, a mindset we also bring into our engineering services. Our models are:

Created by Experts

Our models were created by biomechanical experts from around the world who specialize in each individual body region, integrating an unrivaled level of subject expertise.

Adapt by Design

Our suite of models include a variety of anthropometries, ages and sexes, available in a whole body model or in specific body regions.

Rooted in Data

Incorporating millions of data points into each human body simulation, our models increase both the depth of knowledge and range of testing scenarios available to users.

Fit Your Workflow

By design, our models adapt to your design cycle and can fit into your current product pipeline, accompanied by customer support.

Truer to Life

Because they are virtual, our human body models can represent how the human body reacts to scenarios more comprehensively than traditional test models.

Explore the Advantages of Our Human Body Models

Wherever your product or procedure interacts with the human body, Elemance is there to help you assess the safety of the human at the center of it all. Whether you’re licensing our models or working with our engineering services, Elemance gives you the tools and expertise to:

Expand your virtual testing capabilities.

By using virtual testing to run through a broader set of test scenarios at a fraction of the cost, you can more quickly narrow your design options and reduce your design cycle before beginning real-world testing. Testing in a virtual body can save you time and money–over and over again.

Help you help people.

You care about your end-user’s safety and health, which means “good enough” isn’t really an option. Because our models provide a nuanced view of how your product performs, you can easily identify weak points and improve your products to better protect lives. 

Provide a competitive advantage.

By leveraging the collective knowledge of a large pool of subject matter experts, the GHBMC models can provide you with much more data and research bandwidth than your competitors who use a more traditional–and more limited–approach to their R&D. 

Aid in future-proofing your company.

As technology continues to advance, the interface between human and innovation becomes increasingly important. Virtual human body models can keep pace with technological innovation in a way physical test models cannot, helping you prepare your products for ever-changing scenarios and technologies.

Open up new opportunities.

When you start designing and testing with our human body models, there are endless scenarios for you to explore, which not only unlocks data to improve your design cycle and build better products, but also opens the door to opportunities you didn’t even know you had.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I license the models?

Please contact us and we will send you the appropriate license agreement and pricing information according to your specific situation.

What is the GHBMC?

The Global Human Body Models Consortium (GHBMC) is an international consortium of seven automakers and one supplier working to advance human body modeling technologies for crash simulations.  The unique objective of the GHBMC is to consolidate world-wide research and development activities in human body modeling into a single global effort to advance crash safety technologies.  You can learn more at ghbmc.com.

What models are available?

50th percentile male, 95th percentile male, and 5th percentile female models are available in both seated and standing positions.  We also have a 50th percentile female seated only, and a 6 year old pedestrian (standing) model.  For details on the exact heights and weights of the models, please visit our models page.  We can also assist with developing morphed models if you require a specific stature for your simulations.  Contact us with any questions you have.

What is the difference between detailed and simplified models?

Detailed models are designed for tissue level injury risk prediction.  These models include more detailed anatomy with explicitly modeled bones and internal organs.  They are ideal for studies ranging from vehicle safety design to evaluation of military protective gear to medical device fit.  Simplified models have fewer elements and contacts.  They have kinematic joints and simplified materials enabling them to run in simulation up to 50x faster than detailed versions.

Are the pedestrian models approved for EuroNCAP Certification?

Y thates.  We have both detailed and simplified pedestrian models meet the current standards for use in EuroNCAP Pedestrian Human Model Certification.

What’s included when I license through Elemance?

Licensed models are delivered in a ready to run format, including all material models, contact definitions, nodal coordinates, etc. Maintenance, enhancements and support for your model are included in our leased licenses.  This means anytime there is an update from ongoing research, we will push the update to you.  If you prefer to purchase a paid-up license, you can still receive maintenance, enhancements and support.  Contact us for package/pricing details.

Do you offer body region specific models?

Yes.  We can work with your team to isolate regions of the model to suit your specific application.  Often, customers are only concerned about the simulation effects on one specific part of the body.  We are happy to provide separated sections of our model for your specific needs.  Contact us for specific questions.

Do you have tools available to reposition your models?

Yes.  Please visit the Tools page of our website to find details on available pre and post-processing tools for the GHBMC models.

Computing Requirements

What solvers do your models work with?

The GHBMC models have been coded and validated for use in Ansys’ LS-DYNA, Altair’s RADIOSS, and ESI’s VPS (Virtual Performance Solution).

What software do I need to run your models?

The GHBMC models have been coded and validated for use in Ansys’ LS-DYNA, Altair’s RADIOSS, and ESI’s VPS (Virtual Performance Solution). We recommend also having pre- and post-processors which are available from your specific codehouse.

What sort of hardware do I need to run your models?

The GHBMC models were designed to run on MPP clusters, however computing requirement will vary based on which model you are using.  Contact us today at [email protected] for specific questions related to your model.


Who do I contact for technical support?

The quickest way is to Submit a support ticket now.

Can you provide simulation services for us?

Of course!  We would be happy to provide consulting services for your company, and we can certainly design and perform simulations for you. Please email us today at [email protected] to discuss the possibilities. Our engineers have provided expertise in biomechanics to clients in industries across the globe including automotive, sports, military, and aerospace clients.

Do you have sample cases for your models?

Yes, we have model specific sample cases that we can provide to licensed customers.

Do you offer formal training?

Yes! We are happy to offer options for training customized to your specific needs – please contact us for more information.  If users are inexperienced with the solvers, we also recommend seeking training through the respective solver software companies. If you are already a user and you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask us at [email protected].

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Our Mission

Elemance strives to provide truly human-centered design solutions to enhance the protection and quality of life.