This version introduces new functionalities, bug fixes and improved performance. The highlights include:

  • Import binout data that uses “mm-tonnes-s” unit system in addition to the GHBMC default unit system (“mm-kg-ms”). Elemance is accepting requests for other additional unit systems by contacting [email protected]
  • Improved legend locations
  • Right click a “metric” button for direct access to the help page
  • Fixed bug that to improve 3D graphics when the user selected “All Active Metrics”
  • Fixed bug that did not report entire probabilistic rib fracture history
  • Instrumentation files for Thoracic/Lumbar Spine, Rib Fracture, and CSDM are included in the Metriks installation folder at the following location: “./metriks/Instrumentation”. See the Probabilistic Rib Fracture documentation page for instructions to access these files.
  • Status bar for message file error search progress
  • Keep an eye out for continuous added documentation on the “Help Guide”!