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Metriks v0.7 Release

Metriks v0.7 Release

New features in Metriks v0.7 include:

  • Euro NCAP tool for automated batch processing
  • Additional features for probabilistic rib fracture
  • Compatibility for M50-O v6.1
  • Bug fixes for Nij calculations
  • Improved data export from command line interface

Metriks v0.6 Release

Metriks v0.6 Release

New features in Metriks v0.6 include:

  • Support for M50-OS
  • Chest Band Visualization and Deflection Measurements (Depth and Lateral)
  • Additional Probabilistic Rib Fracture Features
  • Improved Data Export Features and Bug Fixes
  • Official support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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