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Metriks v0.6 Release

Metriks v0.6 Release

New features in Metriks v0.6 include:

  • Support for M50-OS
  • Chest Band Visualization and Deflection Measurements (Depth and Lateral)
  • Additional Probabilistic Rib Fracture Features
  • Improved Data Export Features and Bug Fixes
  • Official support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Metriks v0.5 is Live!

Metriks v0.5 Release

Please download the newest version of Metriks, if you haven’t already! The newest features in Metriks  v0.5 include:

  • Added support for injury metric calculations with the F05-O v5.1 and M95-O v5.1
  • Update to include M50 v6.0 calculations
  • T1, T8 and T12 Accelerometer Outputs
  • New probabilistic rib fracture features:
    • Option to use smoothed injury risk curve (experimental data fit to Weibull cumulative distribution function)
    • Calculate joint probability of n+ fractured ribs
    • “Frontal” or “Rear” view of ribcage risk distributions.
  • Calculation settings to adjust the critical intercept values for Nij and Tibia Index

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