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Message Summary

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The Message Summary tool parses through LS-Dyna message files to identify several characteristics of the simulation. First, the tool extracts the LS-Dyna banner reported for the simulation to provide details such as the LS-Dyna build, platform, precision, hostname, and precision. The tool then then reviews the message file for termination status and for information related to simulation timing and distribution of computational expense. In the event of an error termination, the Error Search tool is automatically activated to provide more details on observed errors (see Error Search). The percentage of CPU used for specific aspects, such as contacts or element processing, are calculated and reported in a Pie Chart to show the distribution of leading categories. Additionally, the tool reports the number of processors used for the simulation and total problem time (how far into the simulation the model was when it terminated) as well as total CPU time (real world time it took for the simulation to terminate).

To execute the tool, use the File menu to load in the first message file (typically *.mes000)

Panel Descriptions for Message Summary
Printout out of LS-Dyna BannerTable showing termination status and timing data for the simulation (# of Processors, Problem Time, and Total CPU Time).
Pie chart showing % CPU allocation for key categories