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The Error Search tool reads through the message files generated by LS-Dyna during the simulation to report information on termination status. In the event of a normal termination, only one panel will be opened and Metriks will report that the simulation terminated normally. In the event of an error termination, Metriks will review each message file to identify the type of error and also the processor(s) on which the error occurred. For some errors (e.g. negative volumes, complex sound speeds), the tool will provide a text output with a *SET_(Option) providing the nodes or elements referenced in the error. In the case an error is found, relevant information will be printed to the screen (Panel Descriptions).


Panel Descriptions for Error Search
Summary of identified errorsAutomatically generated keycards containing sets of the elements or nodes. The number of boxes that are opened will depend on the type and number of errors identified in the message files. The example above shows *SET_SOLIDs created for Negative Volumes and Complex Sound Speeds. However, additional sets, such as node sets for out of range forces, will be created when appropriate.

Current error types investigated:

  • Negative Volume
  • Not a Number (NaN)
  • Out of Range Forces

Additional error types and initialization related errors will be queried in future Metriks releases