Elemance offers an innovative and inclusive culture; welcoming diversity and collaboration, and providing numerous opportunities for career growth in a flexible work schedule and energetic small-business environment.

Elemance, LLC is seeking a Biomechanical/Research Engineer at our Winston-Salem, North Carolina location.

Who are we:

Elemance is committed to protecting human lives by developing and licensing virtual human body models that give companies and researchers the tools to comprehensively evaluate the effects of technologies on the human body. Emerging out of the Global Human Body Model Consortium (GHBMC), a collaboration among leading automotive manufacturers and subject-matter experts from around the world, Elemance is the exclusive distributor of the model for automotive, aerospace, military, sports and healthcare applications. In addition to distributing and supporting GHBMC models, our engineers are working with multi-disciplinary teams to address modern health concerns such as driver protection in motorsports, helmet design and performance in sports, and injury risk mitigation in military and aerospace applications. Elemance offers an innovative and inclusive culture, welcoming diversity and collaboration and providing opportunities for career growth in a flexible work schedule and energetic small-business environment.  

Who are we looking for:

We are seeking an individual with a technical skill set to can support a wide range of computational mechanics and biomechanics projects focused on our core mission. This position will have an initial focus on the development and application of vehicle structures and human finite element models. In the execution of these projects, the candidate’s responsibilities may include 1) development and application of finite element analysis (FEA) tools and related software to support customers and generate pilot data for new research, 2) pre-processing FEA models using software such as Ansa, Primer, and LS-PrePost, 3) post-processing and data visualization for FEA simulations, and 4) development of custom scripts (e.g. Python) to enhance user experience with pre- and post-processing of biomechanical models.  The candidate will be expected to effectively present their work in program and business unit reviews.

Elemance is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Winston-Salem is a vibrant community of 300,000 with excellent schools, an exciting cultural environment, and a notably low cost-of-living, situated close to both the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic coast.
Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Master’s degree in Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering or related engineering discipline or BS and 4+ years of experience in a related field.
  • Preferred experience with high-rate finite element analysis simulations, pre- and post-processing capabilities required.
  • Desired software experience:
    • LS-Dyna, Radioss, VPS, Abaqus or similar
    • FE Pre-processing tools such as Oasys Primer, Beta Ansa, LS-PrePost
    • Python for data processing and analysis
    • Experience with CAD solid modeling tools
  • Strong interpersonal skills working in a team environment with positive interaction
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Equal Employment Opportunity
It is the policy of Elemance to consider all qualified applicants without discrimination because of race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status in accordance with all local, state, national laws, executive orders, regulations, and guidelines.
How to Apply
CV and Cover Letter may be sent directly to [email protected]
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Elemance strives to provide truly human-centered design solutions to enhance the protection and quality of life.