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Piper Metadata

The PIPER (Position and Personalize Advanced Human Body Models for Injury Prediction) Software can be used to help scale and position Human Body Models. PIPER is available under Open Source licenses, and additional information on the PIPER Project and Software can be found at

Please complete the below form to request access to Piper Metadata for use with the GHBMC Models. Email questions to [email protected]. The Elemance Metadata files contain data that can be used with LS-Dyna model versions for the Pre- and Post- Processing and Positioning (Pre and Fine) Modules in PIPER. They are not designed to be used with the Scaling or other Tools (Kriging, Contour, Shape or Param) modules.

Metadata for additional model versions will be added as they become available – if the version you are interested in is not yet listed on the form below, please continue to check back for availability.

Please read the Elemance PIPER Metadata License Agreement in full before submitting your form agreement. 

Piper Metadata Request Form

  • Please choose which model version(s) you are requesting data for. Additional versions will be added as they become available.
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