Our Services

Elemance provides licensing of the Global Human Body Model Consortium family of human models along with numerous services including maintenance, enhancement and support of our licensed models, and consulting services related to biomechanics, injury biomechanics, and other human modeling applications.


We offer licenses for both academic and commercial users for the model versions detailed above. We have a variety of purchase options designed to suit your business needs. Please contact us for detailed pricing information. 

Enhancement & Management

We provide regular maintenance and enhancements including model updates to all users as part of their licensing agreement.

User Support

We offer comprehensive user support services for the full range of licensed models, with assistance available via email or telephone. 

Custom Development

We will develop add-ons, modifications, and application-specific code or software to help you use the virtual models to address your organization’s needs. 


We provide a full range of consulting services related to biomechanics, injury biomechanics and other human modeling applications; our engineers would be happy to discuss your specific needs. 

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